Photos from Challenge "Salt Road"
Start the Challenge from Nice very early in morning
Later in Drap
On the way to the 1st pass
Start Col (pass) de Nice
Col de Nice +412m
Escarene Village
Spot on Escarene Village's railway bridge
Moulin à huile in Escarene Village
First difficulties on the historic salt road
Slope from 6 to 14%


Olive trees broken by flash


Hard day for Jose
Spot on the way from the top
On the road again
Success of all the team
Second pass +1002m

Good time before to reach next pass


Intermediary pass


Spot from the top to Sospel Valley


Sarde's main city: Sospel

Sospel Village


Church where are Bréa paintings on baroque period


On the road to next pass Col de Brouis


Next step


We go over there


Full effort


Near on the top moment of relax


Col (pass) de Brouis +879m


Historic place where is coming from salt


"Les Salins"

Jose's Challenges List


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