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From October 29th to November 4th 2012 Average weight 69.8kg
Week's cumulate slope + 300m, Total distance 26.3kms,


From November 5th to 11th 2012 Average weight 70.2kg
Week's cumulate slope + 600m, Total distance 27.5kms,


From November 12th to 18th 2012 Average weight 70.5kg
Week's cumulate slope + 1250m, Total distance 60.8kms,


From November 19th to 25th 2012 Average weight 71.0kg
Week's cumulate slope + 575m, Total distance 34.3kms,


From November 26th to December 2nd 2012 Average weight 71.5kg
Week's cumulate slope + 775m, Total distance 39.9kms



Total distance 2012: 4991.8kms, cumulate slope +58920m


















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