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From March 2009 Jose's weight go down from 94,5kg to 76kg.

He lost in this period 18,5kg. How he did?

He NEVER ate between 2 meals, nothing.

Reduce quantity of each plate (only home-made soups unlimited)

He created a circuit 6km long (slope +155m) around the home.

He does the round 1 time before breakfast

and 4 times during the day, total 5 times. In case he has not

so much free time, he does the round 3 times total.

Of course, during the week-ends he does more possible.

Every day Chef Mary comes with him on the last round to encourage,

because as you imagine it's very difficult to be regular.

More, Chef Mary follows him preparing the meals with a lot of

vegetables, little quantity feculent as pasta, rice or others.

In the evenings he enjoys home-made soups in big quantity

and fresh lettuce salads without sauce.

The great thing is that a practice and experience he got,

Jose wants to participate in competitions, because his speed is growing

His saying is :"I loose the bowling balls which one I carried so long years!"

Watch here in real tine full circuit round:

part1 / part2 / part3/ part4 / part5 / part6 / part7





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