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"La meilleure manière de prendre soin de son âme,
 c'est de donner à son corps de l'exercice" Platon

As example of real experience you can follow

the evolution of Jose's body loosing weight.

From 297 lbs (135kg ) till March 2009 203lbs ( 93kg ) during the last 4 years.

These 3 first pictures show him before starting the emission

and the next with precise date during the emission.

You have to know two things:

1. Food - From "no limit" of quantity and kind of food till to become ill,

Jose decided to eat better,

healthier and homemade selected food prepared

by Chef-Mary in reasonable quantity.

2. Exercises - Jose is doing, little by little from the beginning

of the experience 1/2 hour of walk

every morning during the week, 2 hours (morning) during the week-ends,

1 hour every afternoon and 2 hours every evening.

His speed average is 2.8 miles/h (4.5km/h)






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