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1. Theme: Effort

62mi running for 62kg lost

Starting from Nice "Bon Voyage"

chapel, in 1610, 60 000 to 80 000

mules went with ~80kg (~176lbs) salt bag,

by Nice's pass 412m, Escarčne village,

Braus' pass 1002m, Sospel (Sarde's main city),

Brouis' pass, Breil-sur-Roya village,

Roya Valley, Fontan village,

Tende village, the famous Tende's

pass 1871m to finish into Piedmont

(Cuneo city).


Jose's challenge: to repeat

this historic road, running during 2 days

(about 100km or 62mi).

He tributes his effort to loose

the last 3 years his weight equal

at the numbers of miles to run

on this cultural baroque road.

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Recommended by Chef Mary on the itinerary:

L'Auberge du pont-vieux in Sospel village



Start from Notre Dame Bon Voyage chapel


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